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Cast iron frying pan

1.Eco-Friendly 2.With oil-smoke-free effect cookware 3.Simple and stylish design

FOB Price:
1000 Pieces
Monthly Capacity:
10000 Pieces
Payment Terms:
L/C, T/T, Money Gram, Paypal, Western Union, Cash


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Product Description


cast iron frying pan



1.    Quality alloy materials, through one-step stretch molding; With thick bottom and thin wall,   saucepan has a more remarkable oil-amoke-free effect;
2.    New anti-sticking performance is greatly improved relative to ordinary anti-sticking technology, to reduce the dependence of cooking food on grease. Without PFOA, provide healthy, low carbon and  energy-saying  kitchen life.
3.    Simple and stylish appearance design,vertical pot lid and ergonomic handle,insulating heat and resist burning,with comfortable grasping feeling ,gives play to your cooking skills freely.  saucepan
4.    Ergonomic handle,insulating heat and resist burning,with comfortable grasping feeling




Yi Pinchu Description of cookware

Item Name


Could be customized as your demand based on PT color number


Aluminum Alloy(3003,3004)






Ceramic Coating/No-stick Coating


Heat Resistant Paint/Metallic Paint


Could be customized as your demand






Color Box+ Bubble bag+ Carton

Delivery time

Within 35 days

Payment Terms

T/T,L/C, West Union




1.Simple and stylish appearance design

2.Quality alloy materials







 Zhe Jiang YIPINCHU hardware co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of Aluminum non-stick cookware with over 15 years experience. YPC main business functions include R&D, sales & marketing, manufacturing, and trading. Our non-stick cookware products are widely exported to overseas including Americas, Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Russia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

    YIPINCHU has a group of professionals with years of experience in designing and manufacturing. With more than 230 employees and a manufacturing factory of 30000 square meter, YIPINCHU has a strong production capacity with over 25,000 pieces per day. We can meet the short lead-time in delivering the high-end ordered products.

    YIPINCHU is dedicated to producing safe, durable and cosmetic nonstick cookware. Our company has passed quality certification of ISO9001:2000 and implemented strict quality control procedures. Factory has been audit by famous audit company, such as BV, ITS. And our products received certificates of LFGB, SFG, FDA and CE. The quality of each product shipped from YPC is well guaranteed.


1.What pieces of cookware should I buy?

A typical set of Yipinchu cookware will include difference sizes of sauce pans,sauce pot ,frypan with lids A good start for your cookware collection!

2. What is Yipinchu cookware made of?

 Yipinchu pans are durable and safe. The cookware is constructed of heavy-gauge, aluminum for even cooking and precise heating. The pans have tough nonstick and ceramic cooking surfaces that last for years.

3. What is the history of Yipinchu cookware?

   Zhejiang Yipinchu Co., Ltd specialized in various cookware for 11 years, with the customers of Wal-mart, Taiwan cookware shop and other famous brand.with good quality and pretty competitive price.

4. Are there economical Yipinchu cookware items available?

   Yipinchu cookware is some of the best you'll find. But even a top brand like Yipinchu creates items with economy in mind. Their line of aluminum cookware is less expensive, but never sacrifices quality. All the he pots and pans have reinforced edges and aluminum handles secured with heavy-duty rivets. The body is spun for greater strength, and each pot is given a thick base, which gives the cookware rapid heat infusion and a long life.

5. Are cookware companies environmentally friendly?

   Just about to celebrate its 10th anniversary, Yipinchu cookware is the largest China manufacturer of aluminum cookware. Design standard with respect for the environment by reducing the amount of energy and raw materials needed in production. This minimizes waste. They're also very vigilant about carrying out regular emission checks. So, if you're looking for an earth-friendly cookware company, Yipinchu is the one for you!

6. How can I extend non-stick coating?

   Using cookware pans? You can extend the life of nonstick coatings by reseasoning them once in awhile. Every few months, take the empty pan and put it on the stove over high heat. After about two to three minutes, put in one or two tablespoons of peanut oil and swirl it around so it coats the inside of the pan. Turn off the heat and let the pan cool to room temperature and then wipe away the excess oil with a paper towel. Repeat the process once more to recondition the coating on your pan.

7. What should I look for in a nonstick or ceramic pots and pans set?

   If you do a lot of low-fat cooking, you need nonstick or ceramic pots and pans you can really put through their paces. Think about investing in Yipinchu nonstick or ceramic cookware, which offers tremendous durability. When compared with the same nonstick coating on an aluminum pot, a Yipinchu pot will release food three times easier. The extreme strength of a Yipinchu surface -- which is twice as tough as stainless steel -- protects the nonstick or ceramic coating and prevents the usual wear and tear that occurs with nonstick cookware made from aluminum. To clean nonstick or ceramic pots and pans and ensure their finish lasts even longer, try specially-formulated Yipinchu cookware cleaner.


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